Services & Fee Schedule

  • BLSE (Basic Life Support) – $780
  • BLSNE (Basic Life Support Non-Emergency) – $780
  • ALS (Advanced Life Support) Level 1 – $900
  • ALS (Advanced Life Support) Level 2 – $1020
  • ALSNE Advanced (Life Support Non-Emergency) – $900
  • Ambulance wait time (ALS or BLS) per half hour – $90
  • Specialty Care Transport (Specialty Care Transport) * – $1200

*An interfaculty transport of a critically injured or ill patient by ambulance at a level of service beyond the scope of the EMT-Paramedic.

  • Treatment No Transport$180

Motor Vehicle Response Related Incidents ** – $300

**Motor vehicle related incidents. Billing for motor vehicle response services will be submitted to the insurance carrier(s) of all involved vehicles. If payment is not received from the insurance carrier, the fee for service will be forwarded to the individual involved in the accident. Such fee may be adjusted and/or waived based upon hardship or other considerations, following financial hardship policy.

Lake Charlevoix EMS Authority recognizes the sacrifice that Veterans have made for our country and honors them by waiving the deductible/co-pay on their ambulance services.

Lift Assist No Transport after 3 per calendar year *** – $180

***Per calendar year is Jan 1 to Jan 1 of any year.

Mileage Rate – $15.50/loaded mileage ****

****Loaded mileage starts when the patient is loaded into the ambulance per mile until the patient arrives at their destination (hospital, home, nursing home, rehab unit, etc…).

Special Contracts:

  • Hospice ALS Non-Emergency – Current Medicare Rates
  • Hospice BLS Non-Emergency – Current Medicare Rates
  • Hospice Miles – Current Medicare Rates
  • North Country Metal Health Services – Current Medicaid Rate
  • Charlevoix County Jail – Current Medicaid Rate
  • Private Pay – Current Fee Schedule Prime Rate
  • Special Event Fee – Coverage at special events will be billed to the event organizers at the rate of $300.00/hour/ambulance or crew, unless a negotiated rate is established. Coverage at School events will be exempt from this policy.