Life Saving Awards

Annual Life Saving Award ceremony was held on July 13, 2022, for LCEMSA employees. LCEMSA had 7 employees who through the course of the last year was dispatched to calls in which the patient had gone into full cardiac arrest with no heartbeat and no breath sounds.  The team started CPR protocol and the patient had return of spontaneous circulation.
We thank our staff for their tireless efforts.  Our continued success is defined by the collection of our daily standards to always perform at our greatest, and always in pledge to our dedication of service through trust, integrity and respect.
Life saving awards and pins were presented to Amanda Falkenberg, Jesse Silva, Casey Riley, Mike Pionk, Lyon Stephens, Erik Hosler, and Rick Bassett.
Thank you to Hayes Township, Charlevoix Township, Marion Township, City of Charlevoix and Norwood Township for providing extra jump bags which allows for medics to respond in their personal vehicles providing quicker response times to our community.
Casey Riley pinning

Ron VanZee and Casey Riley

Erik Hosler Pinning

Roy Griffitts and Erik Hosler

Jesse Silva Pinning

Kate Stewart and Jesse Silva

Amanda Falkenberg Pinning

John Martin and Amanda Falkenberg

Lyon Stephens pinning

Mark Knapp and Lyon Stephens

Mike Pionk pinning

Dan Thorpe and Mike Pionk

Rick Bassett Pinning

Bill Gnodtke and Rick Bassett

Group photo pinning 1

EMS Crew

Group photo pinning 2

EMS Group